I’ve made these two [although the second one might not count because it’s with a bunch of other SMT related characters] : 1, 2

You can bet I’ll be making more though. Especially with the novel translation coming out in the summer. [I’m hyped]


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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, hasn’t it? I’d like to thank all the new followers (and of course those who have been following me for a while now) for following me.

Thank you very much, your support makes me want to work harder. I apologize for seeming like I disappeared off the surface of this planet; I’ve just fallen into my own personal Schwarzwelt called school and work. Hopefully I’ll learn to manage my time better soon so I can paint more, not being able to draw is really suffocating.

In any case, I hope everyone’s year is going well and I hope be able to draw a lot this year. [and beat DDS. And Eternal Punishment. and start DDS2. and maybe get to at least midgame in Strange Journey. And play more DSRK…ohshitistillhaven’tbeatnocturne…]


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"Where do you belong? A steadfast soldier of the law, or an agent of chaos?"

man I’ve only recently started to play Strange Journey but I gotta say, the soundtrack is amazing.

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doodle [2/2]

finally managed to get some free time for myself so I drew.

quick paint 

[doodle 1/2 for today]

bad mood coping strategy: draw nocturne. draw a lot of nocturne.

I figured it was about time for me to paint my Fire Emblem Awakening wife. Who also happens to be the wife choice of my good friend Bruno who is also me [inside joke] I hope I did her justice for the both of us, man.

the frame is from here

Another break from commission piece

can you tell the art block is hitting me hard


dear santa I want demons with pierce

love, Fiend

Commission I did of Lorelai and Killey from Suikoden for judgementscythe. Thanks again for commissioning me!