I’ve recently been introduced to tokyo ghoul by a friend and felt like painting the mask of the main character because its design is so good.

Sorry for posting so scarcely as of late; Working full-time with a side job consumes much more time than I thought it would.

EDIT: I never remember to put my signature on pieces. Ever….

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I saw Aigis’ upgrade form on google and I knew I had to paint it, it’s so sick

This is print size so I may sell it as a print someday some con

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How to check people’s alignments with Louis Cyphre!

Step 1: Take a bowl of candy and set it at your desk

Step 2: Watch people’s alignments unravel itself to you

Step 3: Probably buy more candy

long time no post though, I really wanted to get this done for SMT spirit week but I ran out of time.

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this was supposed to be a warm up doodle before I got around to doing my smt spirit week stuff but then i took too long

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I’ve made these two [although the second one might not count because it’s with a bunch of other SMT related characters] : 1, 2

You can bet I’ll be making more though. Especially with the novel translation coming out in the summer. [I’m hyped]


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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, hasn’t it? I’d like to thank all the new followers (and of course those who have been following me for a while now) for following me.

Thank you very much, your support makes me want to work harder. I apologize for seeming like I disappeared off the surface of this planet; I’ve just fallen into my own personal Schwarzwelt called school and work. Hopefully I’ll learn to manage my time better soon so I can paint more, not being able to draw is really suffocating.

In any case, I hope everyone’s year is going well and I hope be able to draw a lot this year. [and beat DDS. And Eternal Punishment. and start DDS2. and maybe get to at least midgame in Strange Journey. And play more DSRK…ohshitistillhaven’tbeatnocturne…]


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"Where do you belong? A steadfast soldier of the law, or an agent of chaos?"

man I’ve only recently started to play Strange Journey but I gotta say, the soundtrack is amazing.

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doodle [2/2]

finally managed to get some free time for myself so I drew.

quick paint 

[doodle 1/2 for today]

bad mood coping strategy: draw nocturne. draw a lot of nocturne.