This morning I got 4 messages from friends regarding the uncanny resemblance between the appearance of the new protagonist for persona 5  and me

i would like to thank kismet publishing for giving me exposure and seven sisters high school for teaching me everything thank you all i cant believe im protagonist for persona 5

aropaima: So if someone will never meet an entire universe again, does that mean they just become completely smothered by the lilies? ;_;

guess so…

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Thank you very much to the people that replied to this post [and if there are folks who have yet to reply but are willing to take the time to, thank you in advance, I still would love more feedback]

Here’s a very old WIP that I still have desire to fix up as.. a sort of thank you if it’s sufficient to even be a form of thanks


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Out of curiosity,

If anyone has time, I want to know what my art looks to other people. If you can answer this question, it would be great feedback and I would very much appreciate it:

How would you describe my works?

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I’ve had about ten or so nosebleeds in this month alone. 

Thank you very much those of who take time to send me kind messages, they are really the light of my life somedays…

They say red spider lilies carpet the path between two people who will never meet again.

Half a month later I realized I forgot to flip the picture back after checking for mistakes on my tokyo ghoul fanart and so I had the eyepatch on the wrong side.

Here is a WIP though. Not sure if I’ll finish because it’s kind of boring.

I hope everyone is having a nice summer. Stay cool, stay safe, run to shinjuku medical center if things get weird.

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one day I’ll post polished pictures on here again

I miss burning hours on nocturne. I think the same thing I love in SOTC applies to nocturne— which is that I get the deep feeling of solitude that I often need.

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I’ve recently been introduced to tokyo ghoul by a friend and felt like painting the mask of the main character because its design is so good.

Sorry for posting so scarcely as of late; Working full-time with a side job consumes much more time than I thought it would.

EDIT: I never remember to put my signature on pieces. Ever….

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I saw Aigis’ upgrade form on google and I knew I had to paint it, it’s so sick

This is print size so I may sell it as a print someday some con

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